Mon 28.09.2020 Armchair Commando . com
from here you look like an ant
Take the postage-paid envelope which came with the junk mail and stuff everything that came with it into that envelope. It's only fair they should have to throw it out.

Then add every bit of extra garbage that will fit because who's worried about being fair with unconscionable super-polluters such as direct-mail companies? Make it heavy because they have to pay the postage.

Maybe they'll stop sending junk to you. Word is right now it's more expensive to make a determination to take you off their list than it is to fell another tree and send you more crap.

Some kind of telemarketer has called you: first unload your frustration and anger.

Did the caller interrupt you? Are you paying to have a phone so that a salesperson can call you in the middle of your time off? Their job is unpleasant but apparently not enough. Go berserk. Make them want to tell their boss: "This isn't worth it."

The boss is often on the line by the way, coaching them on a separate earphone. Address the boss directly. You could string them along and tie up their time but some forms of manipulation will leave you feeling guilty.

Next get serious and ask their name, their boss's name, and tell them you are making a note of this intrusive call. Then tell them they must not call again. Tell them you will sue, because if they call again you can.

As with junk mailing lists, it is yet too costly to cross reference the list you're on with the other you should now be on. Change that.