Fri 15.01.2021 Armchair Commando . com
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magnet ex machina
Despite their almost universal proliferation, computers have made little progress toward protecting data from the invasive magnetic field. Hard drives, floppies, tape backups, all will blow apart like the first little pig's house of straw if you're a wolf with a nicely sized magnet from the hardware store.

Disguise it in a folder, purse or day planner (then you'll need a disguise too!) Visit a broker, a realtor or your bank. Where does someone have something on a computer which you would arbitrarily like to deprive them of, if only for an entire afternoon? I can't think of anywhere but don't let that stop you!

Do you have a mischievous device for superglue beside into locks and under silverware?

Hmm. Are we advocating vandalism? Do vandals read?

Really that concept was all about feeling empowered. Electronic ever-presence has been building in our unconcious a virtual big brother, but I think it's useful to remember that "virtual" still means not real. Computers are meticulous and unforgiving, but can they die by your hand? Yes they can.

Every single article here addresses censorship, because we became its unwitting partner, and advocacy.

Not to encourage criminal acts, but we'd like to champion those who've elected to conduct brave acts unseating the status quo of their own initiative.

(Here's a non-idea: Fill a municipal statue with water and drill a tiny hole around the privates such that it would piddle on passersby all day. What fun would that be if not every single of your friends got to see it?! So tell us about it and we'll take a picture!)