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land developers
Did seeing the developers at the Section 16 hearing renew a deep animosity but you don't know where to go with it? Go to a development site and kick some ideas around!

Here's a tip from Edward Abbey: if you find a survey stake, pull it up and toss it. George Hayduke says move it, making sure to cover up its original hole.

We say K*** Fluorescent Orange with a medium tip will look quite authentic if you see some water/sewer/power markings on the pavement. Now you have a chance to indicate that what lies beneath is way more elaborate than had been previously decided.

A special note. As much as it might be fun to talk about what you've pulled off, keep quiet. There are plenty of laws to throw at you if someone decides they want to tie you up in court.

Go to the thrift store and buy extra big shoes, bug enough to fit over your own shoes. Keep extra pairs in your car for when you see an opportunity to traips around a construction site. You'll leave footprints that leave very little to say about you. Discard them shortly in a commercial dumpster.