Mon 19.10.2020 Armchair Commando . com
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yellow armbands
YELLOW ARMBANDS! We can all wear yellow armbands! Write on it whatever you want. TRUTH for example, as oppressed minority.

Other examples: P for Progressives, L for Liberals, I for Independents, A for Anarchists, G for Greens, D for Dupes.

Crackerbarrel state Republicans (with the lower ACT scores) won't get it. Educated conservatives (assholes) will.

Jewish Holocaust survivors might be offended unfortunately. Let's cut the issue some slack this time! For too long it's been impossible to raise the issue of fascism in America without jewish indignance that nothing be equated with the Nazis and the Holocaust. Meanwhile, shame on Israeli Zionists for what they are doing to generations of Palestinians.

The post-WWII US military cabal has already surpassed the Nazis in genocide. Our complacency with AIDS in Africa -as a new example- will soon eclipse all genocide. LET IT NOW BE SAID!

We can't make the Republicans wear armbands. Let's know each other by this armband.

Yellow armband: us.

No armband accessorizing a bad haircut, baggy dockers, or Botox: ignorant/idiot/asshole.


D is for Dupes.