Tue 20.10.2020 Armchair Commando . com
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VO: Thirty three years ago, a Republican war president
Richard Milhouse Nixon, hired this man, John O'Neal

to discredit a young John Kerry, who was leading
a nascent effort to stop the war in Vietnam.

John O'Neal lost that round. Now he's at it again.

This time around, O'Neal has assembled veterans
who are angry because their service in Vietnam
was tarnished by accusations of US war crimes.

No one said that THESE men were war criminals
but war crimes were committed, of that there is no doubt.
Was it John Kerry's fault for making them known?

In 1971 John Kerry and the Veterans Against the War
wanted to stop the crimes and stop the Vietnam War.
Are the Swiftboat Vets really arguing today
that the Vietnam War should not have been stopped?

If John Kerry and the anti-war effort
had not been successful, maybe today
we'd see three times as many angry veterans,
minus of course some of the men standing here
who might not have survived the war.

The Vietnam War was wrong.
Until Bush came along, we were all agreed
that we never wanted it to happen again.

Was Iraq perpetrated by people
who thought it wasn't wrong the first time?