Mon 28.09.2020 Armchair Commando . com
easier than it looks
why kids
Kids could care less about the subjects here; sexual politics, religious politics, economics, war, oppression. Boring. Preaching.

At ARMCHAIR COMMANDO we believe kids should grow up in a community which has access to these kind of discussions. News is kept from our provincial little eyes by patriarchal conservatives who don't want to sully themselves with the real world.

The real world is inequality and injustice, sex and violence. Why be deluded otherwise?

The chief eye opener when you take the proverbial trip to Europe between semesters, beside seeing the old world, seeing the cradle of our civilization, is meeting Europeans who let you know how isolated Americans are from news, philosophical inquiry and what's going on.

At first we smile politely. Europeans in turn don't seem to be au courant regarding the latest consumer technologies; perhaps they're being ethnocentric themselves!

One soon discovers that Europeans, entire families of them, sit around kitchen tables before meals, during meals, and for hours after meals, talking about art and culture and life!

Americans don't do that. And the worst of Americans, the middle-west Americans, who don't travel, who go to church, who listen to talk radio; those are the Americans who elect Republicans and raise kids who go to vocational universities.

God is not going to save those kids. You have to. You are going to have to live with them.